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2022.04.25[Mon] 09:00

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【What are Your Golden Week Plans?】

Well, Golden Week, as they call this set of holidays coming up, will begin at the end of this week, the last week of April and go into the first week of May. If you were able to get next Monday and Friday off, then it'll be quite a long Golden Week for you!

Golden Week
So, do you know what the holidays are that make up this holiday time? It starts with Shōwa Day on April 29, Constitution Day on May 3, Greenery Day on May 4, and Children’s Day on May 5. And depending on how the timing works out and if you can get the non-holiday days off, this week can go from 7 to 10 days. Any idea why it's called Golden Week? There are quite a few theories as to where the name came from, but the most popular origin is that it came from Japanese radio lingo. Golden Time was an expression used in the radio industry to denote the period with the highest listener ratings. As there were many holidays concentrated in the week from the end of April to early May, many leisure-based industries experienced a spike in sales, including the film industry which prompted the managing director of one film company to dub the week "Golden Week" based on that radio lingo.
So what is your plan for this year's Golden Week? I'll start mine early, in a sense. I do still have to go to work but before the Golden Week rush begins, I plan on going to the Kawachi Fuji Park in Kitakyushu to enjoy the wisteria there. I have dinner plans with some friends that I haven't seen in a while and I'll also catch a bit of wrestling at Yahoo Dome at Dontaku Wrestling! It'll be a busy Golden Week for sure, but I want to make the most of it this year.

Places to Go in Fukuoka Over Golden Week
If you haven't made any plans yet, don't worry, there are lots of things to do here in Fukuoka City! Especially this year, after three long years, the Hakata Dontaku Minato Matsuri, a festival with over 800 years of history, will be held again!
The Hakata Dontaku Minato Matsuri is a parade in which men and women of all ages wear costumes of their choosing and parade through town while keeping beat on a shamoji. The festival is held on May 3 and 4 every year and there are stages and spaces around town where dance performances are also held. It's a wonderful event that makes the town even livelier.
And, if you want to do some shopping while on holiday, from today, April 25th, the new shopping complex LaLaPort Fukuoka is open. However, it's not just about shopping, there are also restaurants, a movie theater, sports facilities and loads of fun for those who have kids.

Fukuoka's East and West Coasts

Alright, for those of you who want to be outside, I would recommend cycling and a few other outdoor sports. Along the coast of Fukuoka there is tons to do and you've got both the east and west coasts, each with their own charms.

Looking to the East, there are beautiful blue seas all around and you can feel the history in the air if you visit Shikanoshima. The symbol of the island is Shika-umi Shrine located on a small mountain on the island. As you walk along the main path to the shrine, you can also sample fresh seafood and get some shopping in at shops along the way. The circumference of Shikanoshima is only 12 kilometers and it's an easy 1 hour cycle around.
There are paths for both beginners and more experienced cyclists.
You can take a boat from Bayside Place Hakata to the island and you can even bring your bicycle with you. If you don't have a bicycle, not to fear, you can rent one on the island or even one from Uminonakamichi, if you are out that way.

Now, to the West. There in the Kitazaki area, you'll find beautiful coastal roads and some great photo spots, along with stylish cafes. From Tenjin, it takes just about an hour to get to the Kitazaki area, but it's a real escape because you can go fishing, glamping, hit up some of those popular cafes I just mentioned and get lots of photos to post and share with friends.
If you go to the Itoshima Hanto, or Itoshima Peninsula, there are bicycles available to rent and also Stand Up Paddleboard, good fun for even beginners.
If you think you might head to the Kitazaki area, you can take the subway and JR Chikuhi line. Get off at Kyudai Gakkentoshi Eki Station and transfer to a Showa Bus.
You can find more information about all of this if you go to the Fukuoka City Tourist Information site, YokaNavi and search for Fukuoka East and West Coast.
And of course, when you do go out, make sure that you continue to practice basic infection prevention measures such as washing your hands, avoiding the 3 C's and wearing a mask. If you don't remember what those 3 C's are, they are avoiding closed spaces, crowds and close conversation.



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