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2022.02.28[Mon] 09:00

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【Useful Info for Your New Life】

Well, whether it's for school or for work, in our lives there are a number of times when we've got to change things up and in Japan, that time is often the first of April when the new work and school year starts. School entrance ceremonies are held, students move to the next grade, people enter new companies or move to new positions or jobs. And during this time, a lot of people also move house.

So it's in February and March that a lot of that preparation happens as people get ready for a new chapter in their lives.


Moving in and out of Fukuoka City

Is there anyone listening today who is planning to move into Fukuoka City, or even out of Fukuoka City?

If you are moving, you need to submit notification of your move. Before moving, head to your local ward office to get the necessary paperwork for that.

You can also get more information about what you need when you are moving from the Official Fukuoka City Line account or from the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website. Take a look if you are planning a move.


I've never moved out of Fukuoka City, so fortunately there wasn't too much paperwork to do. I did have to go to my ward office to let them know that I had moved from one ward to another though, there wasn't too much paperwork involved in that. The other thing that I had to do, that was pretty important, was call the gas, electric and internet companies to let them know that I was moving and would need to stop service at one address and start service at my new address. It wasn't terribly difficult to do, but I do recall having to do it in Japanese and asking the customer service reps to speak slowly and with regular language so that I understood everything. I've never used a moving company, I am blessed to have good friends that have helped me move house, but I heard from a friend who did use a company that you can negotiate prices sometimes with the companies to get a better price. It's better to book earlier rather than later if you know when you need to move as April is a crazy time and you might not be able to get any company to help you.

If you are looking for boxes to pack things up, the supermarkets in the area usually have an area where you can take discarded cardboard boxes for free.

If you are just moving into Fukuoka for the first time, take a look on Fukuoka Now to see if anyone is leaving, You may be able to pick up some good deals on furniture and appliances that people are leaving behind. The secondhand shops and or recycle shops here are also good places to get decent furniture on a budget. Eco-Mall and Book-Off and Second Street are fairly well-known places, but Flea Market ACB and Treasure Factory are also great places to get furniture and appliances. There are also a number of smaller secondhand shops in the area full of good stuff, you've just got to search them up on a map.  I bought a Dyson vacuum just last month at one near Noke, got a folding camping wagon from the Book-Off in Maebaru, a nice side table with drawers two years ago from a Recycle Mart in Arita in Sawara-ku and a TV stand that would probably be 20,000 yen or so new for only 3000 yen from an ACB around Kotabe. If you don't have a car, many of them can arrange delivery for you.


Also, definitely check out past blogs and podcasts of Life in Fukuoka as we've shared lots of information before. And don't worry, we'll continue giving you information here to help make living in Fukuoka easier.


If you go to the Fukuoka City Website, you can also find a Life in Fukuoka digital pamphlet and video for more information on life here. It covers how to live safely and comfortably in Fukuoka City, where to go if you need advice when you have trouble, area information and rules and manners for living here. The website link is in the blog for today's program on Life in Fukuoka's page on the LOVE FM website

but if you want to take a look now, just search for Life in Fukuoka Video and Pamphlet and it will come up.


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