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2022.01.10[Mon] 09:00

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【Ways to Battle the Cold without Burning through Electricity!】

January 20th is known as the coldest day of the year and is called “Dai-kan” in Japanese which translates to “Big Cold”. Sometimes winter brings in cold that is so harsh that even if you are using heaters and other warming appliances, the room doesn't manage to warm up. And as you're trying to get that room warm, you end up keeping the heater on which means a big electric bill later. But then again, if you try to just grin and bear it and stand the cold, you'll end up making yourself sick. So here are a few tips to help you get through the winter cold.
First, get some thick curtains. There are curtains made especially for holding in the heat and also provide soundproofing. So if you are looking for some new curtains, these are the ones you want to protect you from the cold outside. You also want to avoid letting drafts in through the window, so make sure your curtains are long enough to touch the floor. If there are windows you don't need to open, I would also recommend putting thick, clear vinyl over them. You can either tape it over the window or make a frame that fits into the window. My dad did this every year in his bedroom and it made a huge difference without sacrificing the daylight.
Another thing to do is get a nice thick carpet or rug. You can really feel the cold through the flooring in houses and apartments in Japan. By putting a carpet down, that fluffy goodness will keep a layer between you and the cold hard floor, making your feet happier for sure. It also serves the double purpose of providing some soundproofing too.
If you're trying to save a bit of cash, you can still find some good stuff at the 100 yen shop they've got those interlocking sponge mats, cushions and other things that will help you get through the winter. My winter necessity is my “yutanpo” or hot water bottle. I keep that at the foot of my bed and it keeps me warm all night. It brings the cats to the bed too, adding to the warmth!



Some information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation to share with you.

【Japanese Chatting Salon】

Today's information is for any international students who are studying in Fukuoka. Do you about the monthly Japanese Chatting Salon? Using Zoom, international students and Japanese volunteers meet one on one or in small groups to talk about topics that interest them. If you are looking for a chance to use daily Japanese as well as practice the Japanese you've learned in class, or just want to chat with a native Japanese speaker, then definitely join in! The sessions are free and the next session will be held online on January 31st

To learn more about this event or to make a reservation, please visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website or the Attaka Fukuoka Facebook page. You can also call the Foundation at  092-262-1799. Again that number is 092-262-1799. Phone calls will be accepted from 9am to 6pm on weekdays.

Definitely check it out!


【 Looking for Residents for the International Student Dormitory】

The Foundation is also looking for students who are interested in living in their international student dormitory. Applications are open to international students who are currently enrolled in universities and graduate schools in the Fukuoka Metropolitan area. Other qualifications for residency in the dormitory include being able to actively participate in and cooperate with projects held by the Fukuoka City International Foundation. The period of residence is for two years from the day you move in. Single residents are also eligible.

For more information and other application requirements, please check the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website or contact them by email at


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