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Well, you know it's coming up on the holidays here when you start to see strawberries in the supermarket. Actually, they start showing up as early as mid November in some places but as we really start feeling the holiday spirit and head into December, it's nearly impossible to miss those rows of red, shiny fruits. The actual season for strawberries that are grown outside is from April to June. During the cold winter months, the strawberries are dormant and as the temperature rises in the spring, they wake up and begin to bear fruit from spring to early summer. However, the technology to create a spring-like environment in greenhouses has become widespread making it possible to harvest strawberries in November and December.

It seems this all was thought up in order to be able to harvest high quality strawberries in the winter season in line with Christmas, when the demand for strawberries skyrockets.

In Fukuoka Prefecture, a strawberry called Amaou has become rather famous. The name comes from the beginning of the Japanese words Amai, Marui, Ookii, Umai, which mean Sweet, Round, Big, and Delicious. In English that would sound like Swrobide...I guess. Amaou is a much better name for sure and it's actually an original Fukuoka Prefecture strawberry. One fruit is about twice the size of a regular strawberry and has an exceptional flavor. It's cute round shape and it's rich taste are the secrets behind its popularity.

Hopefully I can get my hands on some Amaou at a reasonable price this season, I've been taking baking classes and have promised Christmas cakes to a few people this year!!!

【Ward office consultation and putting out the garbage over the New Year Holidays】
Now, I have some information from Fukuoka City. Over the new year holidays, there are a few changes to ward office consultation hours and the days on which you can put out the garbage. For ward offices and the Health and Welfare Center, please be aware that these places will be closed from Wednesday the 29th of December to Monday the 3rd of January. The last day they will be open in 2021 is Tuesday the 28th of December. They will reopen in the new year on Tuesday the 4th of January. In the days before and after the new year holidays, the ward office consultation counters will be busy so make sure you give yourself plenty of time when you go there.

Also, from the Friday the 31st of December to Monday the 3rd of January, please do not put your garbage out for pick up. Burnable garbage can only be put out on your area's scheduled garbage day up to Thursday the 30th of December and then after Tuesday the 4th of January. For nonburnable garbage and glass and pet bottles, if Sunday January 2nd is your regular day to put them out, instead they can be put out beforehand on Thursday, December 30th.
For areas where Monday, January 3rd is a regular pickup day, garbage will be picked up instead on Friday, January 7th.

Also, applications and pickup for oversized garbage will be stopped between Wednesday, December 29th to Monday, January 3rd, so please be aware of that.



【Spend the New Year's Holiday safely】
Fukuoka City wants you to enjoy your winter holidays safely and enjoyably and has a few tips to share.
From the end of the year to the start of the new year, there are a lot of opportunities to drink alcohol. So, make sure, 100%, that you don't drink and drive, don't make others drink and drive, never allow someone to drink and drive and don't ignore someone who would drink and drive. Even cycling after drinking is against the law.
And it's important to remember that even the next day you might have some alcohol in your system or will be hungover. In that case, even if you think you only have a little bit of alcohol left in your system, it doesn't mean you should drive, because you shouldn't.

Also, every year, the end of the year sees more and more traffic accidents. If you are out late at night, make sure you are wearing bright or reflective clothes that are easy for drivers to notice. And if you are driving, make sure you turn your headlights on earlier in the evening.

Next, we have a warning for you about bag snatching incidents. There have been a number of these crimes from the evening to midnight in places where there are few people around. A lot of these incidents have occurred with the criminals riding motorbikes and snatching bags as they pass by. To avoid being involved in such an incident, make you carry your bag on the side opposite to the road and pay attention to your surroundings, making sure you look back behind you if you sense signs of people or hear a motorbike.
Protect yourself and the things that are important to you and have a safe and enjoyable winter holiday.


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