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2021.04.12[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー)

【Tulips-The Spring Flower】

When you think of spring, what flower comes to mind? There are quite a few but maybe the one that really represents the season is the tulip. The leaves and petals are simple but beautiful and that's maybe why it's one of the most popular bulb plants in the world. Countless varieties have been bred, over 5000 are officially registered, and at present about 1000 varieties are grown around the world. White, red, pink and yellow, there are so many colors to admire as you look at these wonderful flowers.

In flower language, generally tulips mean “compassion”, however each individual color has its own meaning as well. In Japan, bulbs brought back from from France around the end of the Edo period are considered to be the introduction of the flower here. Around Fukuoka City and in Kego park, you'll find a variety of tulips blooming. If you find one, get a picture, eh!

【Garbage rules】

I guess there are quite a few people starting a new life in Fukuoka City this season so I have some important information from Fukuoka City on rules when putting out the garbage.

In Fukuoka City, garbage is divided into three categories: Burnable, non-burnable and empty glass and pet bottles. You can buy the designated Fukuoka City garbage bags for each category at convenience stores and supermarkets. 

The red bag is for burnable garbage. Use this bag when throwing away things like food scraps, paper cuttings, clothes, and plastic. The blue bag is for non-burnable garbage. Things like empty cans and glass would go in this bag to be thrown away. Finally, the yellow bag is for empty glass bottles and pet bottles.

Garbage pick up days where you live are on decided days. Burnable garbage is picked up twice a week and non-burnable and glass and pet bottles are collected once a month. You can put out your garbage after sunset until midnight on your garbage pickup day in the designated spot for your residence.

If you add Fukuoka City's official LINE account to your friend list, and register your location, you'll receive a notification on your garbage collection days. You can also look up which category something you want to throw away belongs to with this account. You only need to enter the name of your garbage.

If your garbage is too big to fit or too heavy for the garbage bag, you will need to throw it away as oversized garbage. For this kind of garbage, you need to contact the Fukuoka City Oversized Garbage Center by phone, internet or LINE to arrange to have the item collected. In this case, there is a fee and a specific day and location for pick up so make sure you check all of that before throwing any oversized garbage away.

The phone number for the Oversized Garbage Center is 092-731-1153, again that is 092-731-1153. The center can give assistance in 18 different languages.


【Preventing the spread of Covid-19】
And once again we are asking everyone to continue practicing basic infection prevention measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Wear a mask, wash your hands, gargle and avoid the 3 Cs. That means you should avoid closed rooms with poor ventilation, try not to be in crowded places and avoid close contact conversations.


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